Nahila Campos was born in Caracas in 1957. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and studied fine arts courses at the Taller de Candido Millan and Instituto Federico Brandt in Caracas.She has presented her work in solo and group exhibitions in Miami, Los Angeles, Venezuela and Costa Rica. She lives and works in Miami, Florida.

   Driven by the interaction between internal and external perspectives, Nahila’s creative process arises through the representation of space as a reflection of society. Her line of work has evolved from expressive painting and figurative sculpture to collage and installations where she continuously manifests her architectural background through the concept of cities. Nahila’s work depicts a world that is not round and does not rotate smoothly. While playing with the constructs of memory and time she exalts the greatness of the smallness of things based upon man-made immediate scenarios, where she intends to reflect, in great detail, the molding behavior of individuals within society.

Third Eye
Galaxy Andromeda
Galaxy Andromeda
vista 1 winter2015-11-10 14.25.46
Jeannis Game
The World of Control
Galaxy Anabella
The Flying House
Stick Too

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Stick Too