​Diana Vurnbrand was born in Lima, Peru, in 1968.
In 1986 she studied Art History at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Later, she transferred to the prestigious Betzalel Academy of Arts and Design. In 1992 obtained her degree as a professional
photographer at the New England School of Photography in Boston,
In 1994, Diana set up her photography studio in Lima, Peru, and specialized in portrait
photography. Starting 2005, she ventured into artistic and decorative photography, collaborating
with the best-known interior decorators in Lima. She currently lives and works in North Miami Beach, Florida.



February, Cecilia Gonzales Gallery, Lima. Collective
August, Lima Photo, Cecilia Gonzales Gallery. Collective
September, Aninat Gallery in Santiago de Chile. Collective
December, Galeria Junin 114, Lima. Solo exhibition

Lima Photo, Vértice Gallery, collective
“Cámara Oculta”, Galeria Vértice. Collective.
Spectrum Miami, solo exhibition.
Spectrum Miami, solo exhibition.
Monumental Callao, Peru, solo exhibition.

Spectrum Miami, solo exhibition.


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