Sandy Szkolnik was born in Lima, Peru in 1968. She began her studies in Toulouse Lautrec Institute of Design in 1986 where she graduated with a degree in Graphic Design in 1989. She continued her studies with a focus in Computer Applications in Massachusetts College of Arts in Boston from 1990 to 1992. Following her studies, Sandy moved to Caracas, Venezuela, where she took part in several endeavors but her passion for art and design was always present. In 2002, she moved with her husband and three kids to Miami, Florida. 
Sandy found her passion and inspiration through the art of origami and paper folding. One of her first projects involved folding 1,000 paper crane pieces to display in a wedding decoration, inspired by the incredible story of Sadoka Sasaki's international symbol of peace and hope. The nature of her artwork lies in the use of mixed media which allows the different textures and colors to demonstrate the uniqueness of each piece through abstract origami; each piece embracing its own character and feelings in the viewer.

She currently lives and works in Miami, Florida.

Recently she participated in 2017 Spectrum Miami Art Show as a Solo Artist and in collaboration with photographer Diana Vurnbrand.

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